Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LifeStyle for Kits @21st Century

Hi, My name is Ivan Chan @2-year-old. I enjoy my life very much, I have much freedom in life as I can laugh, I can smiled, I can cry and even I can shout in the ways I wanted to. Do things I like, Plays and Eat what I love, Own things what others can't afford. As all can follow my inspirations of life to pursuit my dreams. Thus, to me @2 - Life is definately lovely and exciting.

A bowl of Pan Meei, it would delighted me much, as I like it best.

Hi, my friends, please don't bother me at this time, as I am busy with my blogging, that is so much to write and talk about.

See what car I'm driving now. Is brand-new Mighty Mouse Model- 2.0 series, with auto navigation that even more advance than BMW cars.
And I have a lot of assets in town, for example, I already own KLCC, KL tower and even Genting Highland and I'm not kidding at all. What! you don't believe that. O.K, to proof that, I'll here with all photos for my claims.

Believe now and I've wanted more and more in life. Probably is to have a chance to ride the rocket to visit the moon someday.

Bye, bye

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prefervision said...

2 yrs old know how to use computer ha!
Terrible lah!
and got alot of properties somemore!

Wah Lan Yeh!

Di Di,boleh kah?
jangan Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin Oh!