Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LifeStyle for Kits @21st Century

Hi, My name is Ivan Chan @2-year-old. I enjoy my life very much, I have much freedom in life as I can laugh, I can smiled, I can cry and even I can shout in the ways I wanted to. Do things I like, Plays and Eat what I love, Own things what others can't afford. As all can follow my inspirations of life to pursuit my dreams. Thus, to me @2 - Life is definately lovely and exciting.

A bowl of Pan Meei, it would delighted me much, as I like it best.

Hi, my friends, please don't bother me at this time, as I am busy with my blogging, that is so much to write and talk about.

See what car I'm driving now. Is brand-new Mighty Mouse Model- 2.0 series, with auto navigation that even more advance than BMW cars.
And I have a lot of assets in town, for example, I already own KLCC, KL tower and even Genting Highland and I'm not kidding at all. What! you don't believe that. O.K, to proof that, I'll here with all photos for my claims.

Believe now and I've wanted more and more in life. Probably is to have a chance to ride the rocket to visit the moon someday.

Bye, bye

We wil deliver on promises. Not too loooong!

Read out what K Geogre has to say in his article of 'Restore Local council elections' in Aliran:

"Dear PM, Even before you entered Putrajaya as the 5th premier of Malaysia, you had in an inspiring manner undertaken to launch a relentless fight against corruption.

You solemnly pledged to eradicate corruption, promote transparency and accoutability, ensure open tenders, and introduce democratic reforms as part of your MISSION in running this beloved country of ours.

Unlike your predecessors, YOU called upon the OPPOSITION, the NGOs and the the RAKYAT to CRITICES the GOV. so that you will know what is bothering the nation and the people.

This undertaking was admirable. It led the people to believe that YOU were VERY OPEN and that YOU would make a DIFFERENCE.

But, Unfortunately and sadly, Since then, there has been mounting CRITICISM from various sources that all that you PROMISED the PEOPLE has not really taken off. There is this impression that NOTING IS MOVING.

There have been numerous complainst against local authorities. Local authorities represent grass root democracy. It is where people effectively contribute to strenthening democaracy and safeguarding the sinews of the nation which sustain our democratic way of life.

This is something that you must pay heed to and bring back local council elections.

IF YOU do this you stand out as a stastesman in the the annals of our history. IF YOU ignore this plea from so many sources for the return to local democracy, the YOU will not be any
Different from any other politician. That would indeed be a PITY."

and What about The Edge-Frankly Speaking -19Mar2007, "Can it get any Worse?" has to say on the result of Corruption Index compiled by Hong Kong-Based-Political and Economic Risk Consultant (PERC), in which Malaysia in 2007 score higher to 6.25 from 6.13 in 2006.
(The scorecard criteria: at 0 least corrupt and 10 for the most)

"The man in the street only has to commit a traffic offence and read the newspapers to know that corruption is still prevalent, Never mind what the now not-so-new government promised to do during the last general election.
Sure, everyon has a role to play, and We have to be patient because these things take time. But how long do we have to wait to see some improvement? Not too long... we say."

CAUTIOUS: Be Wiser & Prudent in Coming GE! Don't make the same mistake again and again.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Wanted: OLK Project Manager - 3 Positions (Based In K.L)
Our people are our most important asset as they are the reason behind our success. In line with our expansion programs, we now seek applicants to join our team of dynamic professional at our project.

OLK-Project manager with personable, well-educated, literate individual with degree in engineering to work for small firm. Long hours, no fringe benefits, no security, little chance for advancement are among the inducement offered. Job requires wide knowledge and experience in building, materials, construction techniques, economics, management and finance. Competence in the use of spoken and written English required. Must be willing to suffer personal indignities from client, professional derision from peers in more conventional jobs and slanderous insults from collegues.

Job involves frequent extended trips to inaccessible locations throughout the world, manual labour and extreme frustration from lack of data on which to base decisions.

Applicant must be willing to risk personal and professional future on decisions based on inadequate information and complete lack of control over acceptance of recommendations by clients. Responsibilities for work are unclear and little or no guidance offered. Authority commensurate responsiblity is not provided by either the firm or its clients.

For those who are interested, please call Mr Hai Sea Lee at tol free 1-800-800800. personals CV should be mailed to Jln 40/32, No.233, Golden Commercial Centre, 52000 K.L. ALL personal informations shall strictly be kept P&C.
(term: OLK = One-Leg-Kick)

Friday, March 2, 2007

Innovation Roadmapping

Just think of HISTORY:

  • Dot-Com Roller Coaster Ride
  • In 1980: PC Era Is Here
  • In 2000: Post-PC Era Is Here
  • New Trend in Post-PC Era: Wireless; mCommerce....

Or the PAST:

  • Agrarian Age (6000 BC ~ 1776)
  • ~1000 AD: China used to contribute 97% of World GNP
  • Industrial Age (1776 ~ 1950)
  • Adam Smith (1776) and James Watt (1770)
  • Harnessing Energy (Muscle)
  • Strategic Inflection Points:
  • Fire Machine (Steam Engine)
  • Electricity (1880)
  • Kitty Hawk (1903), Moon Landing (1969)


  • Increasing Reture to Scale
  • Diminishing Return to Scope

Or the CURRENT Age:

  • Information Age (1950 ~ 2020)
  • Harnessing Knowledge (Brain)
  • Strategic inflection Points:
  • Transistor (1947), PC (1980) , WWW (1995)
  • Machines that Think (200?)


  • Moore's Law (2x @18 months)
  • Metcalfe's Law (N2 of impact)
  • Optical Moore's Law (four times per year)
  • Increasing Return to Scope
  • Diminishing Return to Scale

Or the FUTURE:

  • Biotech Age (2000 ~ 2050?)
  • Harnessing DNA (Gene)
  • Strategic Inflection Points
  • Double Helix (1953)
  • Dolly (1997); Clone Human (2001)
  • Human Genome Project (6/2000)
  • Cancer Cure (2020?)


  • Biotech Version of Moore's Law: Knowledge Doubling (six months)


  • A crop cannot be recalled (e.g. Super Weed)
  • Genetocracy (e.g. Astra)
  • Public Property Vs Private Benefits

  • Quantum Age (2020 ~ 2100)
  • Harnessing Matter
  • Strategic Inflection Age:
  • Quantum Computer Theory (David Deutsch, 1985)
  • Stable Qubits (2010?)
  • Universal Quantum computer (2020?)
  • Molecular Machine that grow & reproduces: (Humans plays God? Creating a new non-DNA based life form) (2050?)


  • Quantum Theory

Consider the Auto Industry:

  • 1889: Daimler and Benz both invented car
  • 1900: US farmer / entrepreneur Henry Ford first saw Automobile in London Crystal Palace World Exposition
  • 1920: 200+ automobile companies (booming and consolidation of auto industry)
  • 1999: 2.5 automobile companies in US
  • 2005: 5-10 automobile companies left worldwide

So what would an enterprise invest in if they could invent a time machine and go back to the 1920s?

  • Definitely not horse carriages or buggy whips
  • Highway? Parts? Own Brand Car?
  • Did anyone say "Oil"

To hold on to the FUTURE we need tools:

  • To know the Mega trend: don't be "me-too" or "join the party at the last waltz"
  • To control knowledge and hence control the future
  • To have technology & market intelligence
  • For knowledge management
  • To find the "oil" of the next wave.

What we need is a map, a roadmap, of possibilities for INNOVATIONS to guide MANAGEMENT decisions. We need an INNOVATION ROADMAP!

Adopted from University of the Sunshine Coast - Innovation and Entrepreneurship note.